New Single “I’m Not Famous” drops

Willie is right back with the new catchy tune, “I’m Not Famous”. Putting you in an unsually jolly mood, the upbeat Mario-like instrumental produced by Quarta Note along side Faulk’s impression of a humble yet confident starving artist is just what he needed to set off the new direction towards Collegiate. This time around, Faulk…

You can Wrap it in “Maroon & White”

Faulk and Krucial are at it again, this time for the Bull Dog Country. Maroon and White is said to be the new anthem for the Mississippi State Bulldogs and also for the fans throughout the state. You decide! Who is ready for the Official Video Shoot for this?! Download the MSU Anthem now!

WFK: Retro Radio Flood (Season Finale)

Willie and the Retro gang end the first season of Kronicles off right with a complete radio take over. Faulk makes the new artist exclusive with DJ D South on Hot 92.1 Jamz and Jun Jun lets the bottle get the best of him!

WFK: Krucial battles a bearded-dragon

The duo take a trip to Tennessee where they promote for the upcoming iSuarave Festival they will attend. There is never a dull moment with Killa Krucial and Faulk boy. They spread the word about their upcoming music and Krucial comes across something he has never seen before!

Don’t Know When 2 Quit Video Release

Faulk’s first visual for Collegiate surfaced this week with descent response. With cameos of the Retro South group throughout, and a feature from Mr. Rupert himself, the crew and friends showed you exactly what the title entails. the next single off of Collegiate; Famous (prod. by Quarta Note), is set to be released within the…

WFK: Road to TMR

Krucial works over the course of a 4 month period to bring you his newest project, “The Talented Mr. Rupert”. Along side the retro squad, check out a behind the scenes look at his journey to bring you his best work yet. Faulk is featured in on a few of the tracks and is set…

WFK: Cooler Muzik Kickoff

Faulk and Krucial hit the road for their Cooler Muzik Tour set off June 6th. Promoting the forthcoming albums “The Talented Mr. Rupert” by Killa and “Collegiate” by Willie, both coming within the next couple of months. With teammate Beizy B in the back seat, they hit cities such as Ponotoc, Amory, Tupelo, Okalona, Grenada,…

Isuarave welcomes Willie

It was a rave of a night on the outskirts of Sevier Co., Tennessee last night (July 5th), with artists from Atlanta, Texas, Mississippi, and several surrounding counties. Faulk being among the performers, was very pleased with the festivals exceptional efforts. Isuarave, currently in its fourth event this year, is a steadily growing mass of…

“No Losses” Video Release

First single from Krucial featuring Faulk off of The Talented Mr. Rupert dropping 7/23/13. Want to here more from Krucial? Go check out

New single from Krucial

With help from fellow RetroSouth Music Group member, Willie Faulk, Krucial pulled together yet another hit entitled “No Loses”. The theme song for winners has a visual that is dropping right around the corner so be sure not to miss it! Here is the track, “No Loses” ft. Willie Faulk: