Colour Storm

Colour Storm - Change



Release Date: September 2020 (3rd Lion Music)

Change Tracklist



Always You

Love of my Life

Let Go


Run This Town

Holdin’ On

Broken Picture


Alejandro Medina III/Dale Ferrell/Stuart Stapleton/Chad Judd/Ashley Walls/Grady Saxman


Few times in music do you find such talent on a debut project; and no, I’m not including myself in that statement. 


These past few months I have been surrounded by the most driven, most hard working, most insanely talented people I have ever seen. From musicians to production, this release was truly a team effort. By way of shear luck, I was humbly introduced to 3rd Lion‘s very own Alejandro Medina III by non other than rising Americana star Asher Cataldo.

If you’re just now tuning in to my 15 year journey through music, you might not know I’ve never been graced with a band behind my self proclaimed symphonies. Well the opportunity presented itself and boy, did they deliver.

Colour Storm is made up of lead Alejandro, Asher, and myself. The goal with this group was to let very different minds clash to form a multifaceted, genre bending body of work that knew no bounds; powered by pain and growth. It was to make MUSIC in its most raw form. This was the end result:

Forward (Tracklist)

-Alejandro Medina III

Down Low
-Alejandro Medina III
Bryce Reeg – BGV
-Dale Ferrell
-Asher Cataldo
Grady Saxman – Drums
Tyler Tomlinson – Guitar
-Stu Stapleton – Keys
-Kellye Rather – VoiceOver

-Alejandro Medina III
-Dale Ferrell
-Asher Cataldo
Rob Joyce – Guitar
-Grady Saxman – Drums
Stu Stapleton – Keys
-Tyler Galloway – Guitar Solo

Take Our Time
– Alejandro Medina III
-Asher Cataldo
-Rob Joyce
-Grady Saxman
-Stu Stapleton

– Dale Ferrell
Becca Rae
-Asher Cataldo
-Alejandro Medina III
-Grady Saxman
-Tyler Tomlinson

Yellow Bird
⁃ Alejandro Medina III
⁃ Bryce Reeg
Dayton Olson

Ride (feat. Stu Stapleton)
– Alejandro Medina III
-Dale Ferrell
-Stu Stapleton
-Grady Saxman
-Rob Joyce

Everyone played their part and it wouldn’t have been complete if even one artist hadn’t shown up. Every piece fit together perfectly to give Colour Storm its grand entrance and I’m proud to say this is just the beginning. 3rd Lion is a beast untamed and and you can’t stop the Storm.

Foward‘s release date is 3.27.2020 be sure and add this to your playlist. Also, be on the lookout for Colour Storm’s merch over at 3rd Lion along side it’s already abundant apparel!
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