Bas comes to Nashville


When you get a chance to check out the mans tour bus and shoot the shit with a Dreamvillian you aren’t NOT going to hand the guy your demo.

So I’m sitting in the cold right at 6 pm so I could get next to the stage. Four people in line. All from hours away from Nashville. I had no idea what to expect as far as the crowd and my opportunity to get some one on one with the Milkyway star.

The show started with Soul out of Memphis. Very conscious and lyrical from the few songs he did. I was impressed.

From there we got the home town hero, the man himself Mr. Ron Gilmore. For those of you who don’t know, and recent knowledge to myself, he moved to New York in 2010 where he met Lauren Hill and eventually the man himself Jermaine Cole. He ended up signing to Dreamville in 2014. One hell of a key player and producer. He’s all over Forrest Hills Drive, Too High to Riot, Last Winter, and Revenge of the Dreamers 3. Not to mention his own project he dropped in 2016, The Maturation of Little Ron. He’s dropping a new album this year; an incredible track record you should check this man out.

Corey C, Innanet James, and Rex life all came up next delivering powerful performances. Rex life was a surprising act. I hadn’t heard of him before this tour and man did he bring some energy. He was THE man to hype the crowd for the homie Bas.

The moment comes 4 hours later. “Like a tidal WAAAAAVVEEE” the crowd sings along as Bas is killing Exit/IN. Sold out show. He doesn’t even have to rap his own songs the crowd is doing it for him. The kind of vibes you dream of having as an artist. He eating it up. Very humble and loving every second of it.

“Talking the most like, HOUSE WIVES” he sings as he goes through his hits from Revenge of the Dreamers, Milkyway, and even touched on “My  Homie Just Made Bail” from Last Winter which has the crowd going crazy. Everything you wanted in a Bas performance. He even has a “my homie just made bail” shot for the man Corey C who recently got released months earlier. He proceeds to hand the bottle of tequila to the crowd and we are passing it around up until a bouncer very angrily confiscates the bottle, to which Bas replies “aww damn we got caught.”

The night comes to an end on stage, EXIT/IN is kicking people out very quickly, and a few of us get to stay behind to meet Dreamvilles first signed artist.

The venue proceeds to kick EVERYONE out, including Bas and his team. So we are sitting outside in the cold. And all of a sudden Bas says, “it’s cold as shit out here fuck it let’s get on the tour bus.”

WELL HELL YEAH BAS. So we walk on the bus where Corey C and the crew are having a victory smoke and 2k tournament. We walk through the strong to the back room where we sit and shoot the shit with the man we all came to see.

The most humble person you could imagine. He knows he’s talented and also knows who helped get him there: his fans. He answers all of our questions for over an hour. “How did you meet Cole and what was the process of becoming a member of Dreamville?” “When are we gonna hear Revenge 3?” “When are Kendrick and Cole gonna drop an album together?” The list goes on. He literally would have sat there all night and kicked it with us even pulled out a bottle for some shots. Unfortunately his manager was ready for us to leave the bus so we proceeded to get a couple pictures.

At this point I had been sitting on my demo all night trying to find a good time, if any, to drop it in his hands. How often does this happen to him or any other artist for that matter? “Oh I know we came to see you but here is MY music check me out.” I am very aware of how it can come across so it was a little nerve wrecking to say the least. Luckily, the man was so down to earth he actually made me comfortable enough to hand it to him.

He accepted it with no issue and assured me he was going to take a listen. I pushed Dear Jermaine (Credit Scene01) over any other track on the demo which consisted of: Lights, Camera, Dapper; Dress Code; Dapper Dan; No Dreams; and She Drinks Whiskey. As I state in the song, “Dreamville is the only label I’ll go too” and that will hold true for the very foreseeable future.

Although it may have ended up in the trash as soon as I walked off the bus, I had a sense of accomplishment about the night as a whole. Met the homie Bas, handed the man my demo with confidence, met Mohammad (Bas’ brother and Coles close friend), and got a picture and fiends t-Shirt out of the deal.

I call that a win.

Go check out my latest project, The Making of Dapper Dan: A Dapumentary in any digital play form

What kind of article would this be if I didn’t plug my own music in?









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