The Making of: The Making of… You get it


It’s been a little over a week since the release of my latest work, The Making of Dapper Dan: A Dapumentary (such a long title). I’m watching the national championship with a cold beer and just put my daughter to sleep. Let’s hope she doesn’t wake up before i finish this post.

If you were wondering, I went through A LOT of titles. Maybe I was being creative, maybe I just thought it would be funny; I can’t remember. I wrote this project over the span of about a year. It started with Whips & Rollies in October of 2017, and ended with Crickets (Credit Scene02) in late November of 2018. I don’t think I have ever been more focused and alive in those months of recording an entire project. I believe in this work more so than I ever have anything I have done. That’s a bold stamp considering I have about 13 collective works in my 15 years (give or take) of living and writing this music.

It’s funny the reactions I’ve gotten over the years. You can imagine people get creative with their hate mail. The most recent was a couple hours ago when a random stranger told me I should “Jump into oncoming traffic, please.”, after he saw a clip of me goofing off with one of my favorite tracks off the album, Dear Jermaine (Credit Scene01). I get mixed emotions when people are deliberately cruel. Believe it or not I still get uneasy telling people I “do music” because of the stigma still attached to my chosen genre. I just like writing music. If people took the time to listen they would realize my style is really different from what they expect, but I digress.

This album was a pain in the butt. Between getting all of the production together to mixing and mastering the whole thing. Luckily I was blessed with the likes of incredible talents such as Linz Prag (Lights, Camera, Dapper), APontheBeat (Dress Code) & Quarta Note (Dapper Dan) on the album. Check these guys out they are DOPE. And, with the help of some of my closest friends was able to give the illusion of an actual “documentary” style feel which really touched the record up to make it what you have been streaming the past week. I’m pretty proud of it to say the least.

I have a HUGE shout out to Justin Carter, a long time friend and named Executive Producer of the album. This guy put up with multiple emails of my terrible mixes until I got it right. He was right there giving his insight knowing that I need no biased opinion with this album. This created a full proof system to get my sound as crisp as I could with the tools I had on hand.

I am a regular dude. I work two jobs to pay the bills and live a decent, happy life. I have a loving girlfriend who supports and loves my music. I have a 6 year old son that knows all my lyrics because I made it possible for him to listen to the music without needing to learn inappropriate things. I also have the newest addition, a beautiful baby girl, of which loves my music already.

So I truly hope you enjoy my work because I put everything I had into this album. It might have been all I had left to give. But if you don’t in fact like the finished product, that’s okay too. The beautiful thing about my music is I will never be in your face with it trying to show you I’m the next big thing, because I’m not. It took me a long time to accept it but regardless of how good I thought my music was, it was never what the masses wanted to hear. And that’s okay too. But notice it never discouraged me or stopped me from doing what I loved. I hope you can learn something from that if nothing else.

But in the mean time be sure to check out The Making of Dapper Dan: A Dapumentary!

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