#SippiBoiSaturday’s Series

Around 5 years ago to date, Sippiboi released his 4th and final High school mix tape, “Sippiboi: The Final Chapter”. From 2006-2009, the young artist used his time wisely getting to know his craft and progressing with each release. Features included Derrty a.N.t, C WiLL, Tru Repp, Bigg Deal, and Tje Austin. Along that route came support, criticism, assistance, failure, progress, a stronger work ethic, a deeper passion, and in all; something to look back on as a step to who is now known as Willie Faulk. #SippiBoiSaturday’s is a hashtag series for anyone who may have participated in this period and/or would like to hear the beginner mode of Willie Faulk.


Week 1: I’m Fresh Ft. Derrty a.N.t (2006)
Week 2: U Fine (2007)
Week 3: What I’m In It Fo’ (2008)
Week 4: After Midnight Ft. CWiL & Derrty a.N.t (2009) / Can’t Get Away From You Ft. Tje Austin (2009)
Week 6: Sippi Gimmi (2009)
Week 7: Tha Dream (2005)

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