A Retro Christmas

Well just when the hype starts to die down from the Retro Gang, they smack you in the mouth with not one, not two, but three new visuals on Christmas Day. The team has been steady at it dropping three albums and seven (7) visuals closing out the year of 2013. With this year ending on a high note, the RetroSouth family hopes to continue their already booming progress on into the new year.

Willie brings to life his fun and bouncy single “Famous” for his gift to his listeners. The somewhat odd but flashy outfit gives you an “almost famous” feel as well as a sense of humor, while the story line throughout seems to show otherwise! Take a look at the single off of Collegiate.

Killa comes at a different angle as he “BOTs” with his hometown and shows you he means business. Enjoy the visual for his single “Ball Out Today” off of his latest album, The Talented Mr. Rupert.

The vet JC aka Mr. 4:30 comes out of left field, way out of his comfort zone with his new visual “Let Go”. This powerful present shows a better look into James Corder himself, on a much more personal level. Listen and enjoy the video to his latest, Alabama 2 Mississippi.

Gettyberg will be dropping his new mixtape Who Gon Check Me along with a new visual following up “Youngstas On Deck” that dropped earlier this year.

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