“Collegiate” hits the digital Market, WFU Tees, and new promo tour details



Just a little reminder that Faulk’s Collegiate hit all major online distribution sites including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play,and Rhapsody as well as many more. Also, you can take a listen over on Spotify, Xbox Music, last.fm, and iHeartRadio!

Want a hard copy to keep for yourself? Email him below!


To go along with the Collegiate theme, Retro and company keep it going by launching a small campaign, Willie Faulk University Tees! For just $20, you can join the movement and follow along on this journey. Want your own custom Tee/Sleeves/Hoodie to show your support for Willie? Just email him below to get your very own Faulk Wear and enroll in the dream yourself!

Kru_Willie (1)

With The Talented Mr. Rupert already booming and the release of Collegiate, Faulk and Rupert are hitting the road once again starting next week; lining up shows and promoting new music! Want the duo to show up near you? Be sure and contact the team right below:

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