Walk out for pro MMA fighter

Faulk and Killa were approached by former amateur MMA fighter gone pro and close friend, Josh Carter, for a personal song that would represent his AKA “Modo Besta”. This is the finished product, “Beast Mode”. The Powerful message in the hook alone will amp up anyone with heart and determination. Check out the lyrics below:

Beast Mode (hook):

Modo Besta (Beast Mode)..
And I aint too proud to bleed
Modo Besta (Beast Mode)..
These scars do not deceive
Modo Besta (Beast Mode)..
You only as great as what you believe
Modo Besta (Beast Mode)..
This inner beast I here by release
Josh "Modo Besta" Carter

Carter recently competed in King Of The Cage in Las Vegas as the underdog. Thirty-six seconds into the first round, the perception of the small town fighter was erased and rebuilt as he took down his 15-0 opponent by his signature, rear-naked choke hold. Besta’s first pro fight is scheduled for November 16th 2013 in Jeff Co, TN. The song will debut there for Team Carter.

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