What is “Collegiate”?


The latest is right around the corner, Collegiate. The title screams red solos, long nights, and good times; which is exactly what Faulk wants it to perceive. But it’s not just a lifestyle, it’s a state of mind.

Willie brought you something very personal last time around. LoudActionsLouderWords was a statement which read, “I have a voice, and you will hear what I have to say,”; a powerful peace full of confidence and reassurance of his place in hip hop. The second go around seems to be more for the people. The life and times of what any college crowd can possibly relate to. The title Collegiate can be described as the “next level” of your craft, the “graduation” of your past and “enrollment” of what is to come.


Faulkner not only wants to show you a good time, but also show you how well rounded he can be; from deep and lyrical, to somewhat comical, to relatable from all angles.

“This has a College anthem type feel,” Faulk states, “The first tape was for me, this new one is for you.”

The new tape drops 11.5.13. There will be a lengthy preview download on Datpiff.com, a full tape streaming on SoundCloud.com, the full downloadable version on iTunes as well as the hard copies on the street distributed through Team Retro and Company.

Are you ready to get Collegiate?

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