Isuarave welcomes Willie

It was a rave of a night on the outskirts of Sevier Co., Tennessee last night (July 5th), with artists from Atlanta, Texas, Mississippi, and several surrounding counties. Faulk being among the performers, was very pleased with the festivals exceptional efforts.


Isuarave, currently in its fourth event this year, is a steadily growing mass of a festival formed around the genre Dubstep. Co-founding directors Eric Garrison and Michael Clark, out of Sevierville, Tennesssee, have begun something that might be bigger than they imagined within the next few years. Starting out as a party in the hills for a few buddies, has turned into a very unique music event, with attendance expected around 1100 this time around. The two are very business-oriented and driven to make this festival the most for each who attend. The festival continues on tonight with HeroBust, out of the ATL, headlining at midnight. Erex (Garrison) pictured here earlier yesterday on the tables.


Faulk took the stage around 9 and was welcomed with open arms, as there were a few familiar faces in the crowd. There is a sentimental feel towards the area for Willie, having basically grown up right down the road in Pigeon Forge. With a 45 min set, Erex and Faulk put on quite a show performing songs such as “Liquor On The Floor”, “Shades On”, and “Any Cloud”. The crowd slowly grew from the top of the hill to the front of the stage while Faulkner pumped and primed the crowd for the remaining performance.

“I had a great time coming back [home] and seeing the people I started this with. I really saw who my home team is tonight,” Faulk said.

Hopefully there will be many more appearances from Faulk at the soon to be “mini Bonaroo” that is Isuarave.

Also check out a few other noteworthy artists:
DJ Erex
Quarta Note

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