WFK: Trotter Showcase

Trotter Showcase

Last weekend, Mr. Faulkner entered into a local showcasing event at the Trotter Convention Center in downtown Columbus. Faulk was anxious to see how he matched up against other locals in the area. There was a first, second, and third cash prize award to the contestants who stuck out the most. Faulk was somewhat disappointed when he was awarded the 3rd place finish. He was told although it was clear he believed in what he was doing, there was a lack of movement on stage. After hearing what the judges had to say he was content and took the advice in stride. “I understand what the judges were saying, I get it,” Faulkner said, “But for me it’s more about what I’m saying, not so much as to how much I’m jumping around up there. I consider myself more of a laid back performer, I want them to hear me clearly, ya know?”

Faulkner is working on two (2) new projects for his listeners, and said, “be ready to get Collegiate on this one” when we addressed him about the upcoming music. Here is a full episode of Faulkner’s “Willie Faulk Kronicles”, snippets of the showcase.

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