Tracklist Revealed for LALW

With the CD release a week away, it’s only right that the up and coming songwriter give you a little bit of a sneak peak. The excitement builds as the 4 month long project comes to it’s final stretch before the big day, Tuesday, October 16. He assures everyone, as there is always skeptic’s among rising stars, that the finished product is well worth the hype. Sure, not everyone will be satisfied with the rebellious, over-ego, self-established attitude of a white boy from Caledonia, MS, but at this point why deny a title that is rightfully earned in the face of adversity. There is either love by recognition or disgust by jealousy, either way the show continues..

Here is the tracklist for LALW:

1. LoudActionsLouderWords
2. Song For You
3. Mosh Pit
4. Flatline Pt. 1
5. Any Cloud (Ft. Tony B.)
6. Don’t Know When to Quit (Ft. Krucial)
7. The Definition
8. Shades On (Ft. Gettyberg)
9. Flatline Pt. 2
10. Getaway (Ft. Tony B.)
11. No Problem
12. Dunzo (Ft. JC, Krucial)
13. Time Goes (Here We Are)

Features include: Krucial, Gettyberg, JC, & Tony B.

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