LoudActionsLouderWords Trailer

Here is the trailer for Willie Faulk’s upcoming CD: LALW. With the help of Bryan Elmore, Faulkner was able to bring to life the idea behind the CD itself. It is extremely vague for the viewers to figure out for themselves. If you can’t come up with your own answers, it is a inevitable certainty this CD will fill in all the questions you may have. Though lengthy, the ultimate goal to entertain and to build up suspense for the release of LALW has been met. Take a look at a small taste of the mind of Willie Faulk. “Proceed with no caution, but be ready for anything.”

The “dreamy” state of mind that was captured, is a metaphor to the idea of having “no words”. Along with a narration by Faulk himself, everything seems to come together quite nicely and “it’ll be a complete fit once the CD is released,” the very anxious artist assures his listeners.
Faulkner is very pleased with the outcome of this project. Elmore, being a Graphic Designs graduate, was extremely clutch in the progression to the middle of the month release of LALW. With countless obstacles in the making of this promo video, it was well worth the time spent and there will be many more collaberations from the two in the near future.

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