From “Sippi” to “Willie”

Willie Faulk recently hooked up with team Retro South for two (2) music videos; The hit single “Loud” by (It’s Your Boy) Krucial and the Caucasian party anthem “White Friends” by Gettyberg featuring Willie Faulk & Krucial. Retro in the picture shown here at the “Loud” shoot alongside Willie Faulk. 


Faulkner was introduced to the group back in the summer of 2011, were he was given his first chance at recording in an actual professional studio. Formerly known as the young and wreckless “Sippi” or “S-i-P”, the group generously helped out with the new label William Faulkner (a famous author born in Mississippi). From there, he took it upon himself to shorten the stage name to “Willie Faulk” giving it more of an original feel. The idea behind the change was simply to; in fact, make it more original given all the duplicate “sippi” related stage names in the state itself. His first appearance as Faulk was on Krucial’s “4×4 Truck” single off his most recent album “Welcome 2 The Dirty”. The two individuals together make quite a creative and driven team. Though not clear on the release date, there has been talk of a joint tape with Faulkner and Krucial. The duo pictured here, is headed toward a long and successful future in music. 


The videos are set to be released sometime in Fall 2012.

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