Not Just A Title: LoudActionsLouderWords

“LoudActionsLouderWords” is more than an album title. It’s more than a simple idea that was thought up to represent the melodies included. Yes, there is much more to this title of choice than what is shown on the surface.

For those of you who are just joining the fan base of Mr. Willie Faulkner, let us first say that this has been a long time coming. The last 8 years have been no joyride for the former collegiate athlete. With ball in his past and nothing but success for music in the future, he has nothing but determination multiplied with the drive of progression and the “Don’t Quit” instilled deep within his soul. This title represents everything he has went through and worked for through negativity and what was said to be the impossible. Releasing this fall, you will get a true glimpse into the mind of Willie and be Faulkerized almost instantaneously. No, this is not “just” a title, this is the beginning of a long and exciting journey. If you’re smart, you will join him. #LoudActionsLouderWords is coming…

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